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Work Experience

Founded in 2002, Dialamaid brings quality housekeeping into homes & offices across Dubai. We have developed a reputation for excellent service with a genuine commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Owner & Management

Dialamaid is European owned and managed and has a great support team of seasoned professionals running the office and supervising staff.

Highly Trained Staff

Dialamaid personnel are given professional hospitality industry standard training when they join the company. Our personnel receive ongoing training and the training programmes are updated periodically to ensure that our quality is maintained. Our training scheme in unmatched by other cleaning companies in Dubai.

Value For Money

As the leading cleaning company in Dubai, we offer a wide range of home cleaning services to suit client requirements at competitive rates. Our range of services includes everything from cleaning to dusting, mopping and ironing.

Quick Professional Service

Whatever your needs, be it a one-off, regular or full time cleaning job, we are sure we can help. Call us today on 800 5151 to discuss your requirement or email us for a quotation.

Quality Cleaning

Dialamaid ranks amongst the leading cleaning companies of the UAE, specializing in quality housekeeping services and providing trained male and female cleaning staff for all types of residential & corporate properties in Dubai.

Our registered company name is Dial Maid LLC
We have been serving Residence across Dubai & Sharjah since 2002

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