Care and maintenance of a Vacuum Cleaner:

Vacuum cleaners are wonderful things and can really help with housekeeping duties if you look after them:

  • Pick a vacuum cleaner for what you want it to do not how good it looks or how much it costs
  • Don’t assume that the most expensive vacuum will necessarily do a better housekeeping job

A vacuum can be used for many jobs, below are some of the more popular ones:

  • To get dust and debris off carpets and rugs
  • To get dust and debris off hard floors
  • To get dust and debris off curtains, sofas and mattresses
  • To get dust and debris off corners of walls and borders of paintwork on ceilings
  • To clean AC outlets
  • To get fluff and dust off bed headboards, skirting boards and lampshades

Always make sure that you are using the vacuum with the right tool accessory for the jobs that require a tool accessory, e.g. use the small upholstery brush for mattresses, chairs and sofas, this can also to be used on curtains, adjust your wattage to make sure you do not use too much suction.

The crevice tool is for door and window runners and skirting boards, the small flat attachment that looks like a smaller version of the vacuum floor tool can be used for rugs where you need more suction. This can also can be used for lampshades and for mattresses but be careful that this attachment is always clean

My best housekeeping tip for cat/dog fur removal and lampshade fluff and dust removal and sometimes rug cleaning to use a strong roll of masking tape. Wind some lightly over your hand the sticky side up and pick up the fluff or fur, this is fantastic for all of these tasks.

To keep a vacuum smelling sweet, never pick up anything containing bacteria off any surface, a good example is cat litter. Put the end of a gel air freshener in your vacuum bag when it is almost fully used. This will keep your vacuum bag or drum smelling nice for quite a few months. Always change the bag regularly or wash out the drum and leave to dry. Don’t forget to wipe over the hose and the floor tool and take any fluff off the brushes. All vacuums can be wiped over with a soft cloth that has been rinsed in hot water and neutral detergent

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