Cleanliness is as important as revamping your interior

Lately, I went to my friend’s place for an overnight stay. As soon as I regained to observe things around, I was surprised to see that it wasn’t as bad as it clicked in the first glance. The furniture was of latest design with state of art decorative collections. The question was, why isn’t this place hitting much? All I could depict was, it wasn’t clean and dusted. There was a pile of clothes at one corner, almost all sofas were filled with something or the other, no shelf was kept maintained. It won’t be wrong to call me a fastidious, I quickly sorted out ways how to have a fresh look. Check below:

Remove Clutter and Throw away the Junk

Your place will look a home when there is less to toss. Cut, cut and cut a lot of junk to bring out space and a neat room to sit and relax. It sounds very simple but how to do it? It’s more about determination, just grab a big plastic bag and start hunting for things that you don’t need very frequently. Don’t save junk thinking you might need them in future. Put your junk bag in your storeroom and after a month, toss it and see if you need anything back.

Detoxify Your Home

Wipe, scrub and dust your place to detoxify your home. Refresh your place with spring’s sunny sunshine and allow it to come in. It is a natural anti-bacterial and reveals all specs and dust that had settled during winter months. No matter how well a place is decorated, it doesn’t look good until cleaned. Thus, clean your home daily, sweep it well and feel fresh at home.

Shuffle Your Interior

You home is not a puzzle; there are a lot of ways to arrange it. Redefine your interior and space to have a new look. You don’t have to shop new things for that, all you need is to shuffle your furnishings and decorations a little. This will definitely let you enjoy a revamped space. Try it with your sitting area!

Decorate Your Shelves

Books are even, they have no cuts or curves. You can place them vertically or horizontally, depending upon your creativity. Manage your books according to your size and color or categorize them as per their subject. There is another way you can use to decorate your book shelves nicely, place a pile of books horizontally and put a decorative candle or lamp over it. This will definitely enhance the overall outlook.

Apart from books, there are a lot of things that you can put to decorate your shelves. Be different and try the odd ones, like unusual quotes, mugs, family picture frames etc.

Dedicate a Wall

I would recommend you to be different with your walls. It is quite common that you hang your paintings or your family pictures at your wall. I would advise you to craft-out a wall and divide it into segments. At one corner, place your family or childhood pictures. At one corner, go for beautiful quotes and abstract. Likewise, your dedicated wall will hook people or guests for quite a long.  Don’t forget to keep them clean and dusted. Voila, convert it into a true art gallery that narrates your taste!

I’ve discussed a few points to tell you that you can always revamp your place without spending much on it but what supersede is cleanliness. If you think, you can’t follow up with the cleaning process as you have to pick even the smallest decoration to wipe it. Go for maids in Dubai by Dial a maid, offering trained professional housekeepers to do the needful. There are different housekeeping companies that are offering cleaning services in Dubai. All you need is to specify your requirement and go ahead!

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