Decluttering your living space

All of us live with lots of ‘things’ that are not being used or displayed to their full potential.   It is not always easy to get rid of ‘stuff’ especially as those special items have a great sentimental value to you and your family.  Not everything is about money.  The problem is that clutter does occupy our brains it weighs heavy on us for many reasons and with a few simple rules we can get rid of as much of the clutter as we want.

The first thing to do if you really want to de-clutter is to decide on what you want to keep in your living space:

  • Think about displaying the things you love
  • Get rid of all the rubbish that has accumulated
  • Recycle all items that you can

You have to be tough with yourself and your family members but everyone can join in and help.  Get yourselves some boxes and begin in one room:

  • Put magazines, old newspapers, bills and any paperwork that can be thrown away into a trash bag or into the rubbish or recycling directly.
  • Sort out anything that can go to charity.
  • Items for e bay or local websites for sale goes into another area

Be brutal, you really must love the things you decide to keep, generally we have far too much ‘stuff’ around us.  Having a really good sort out can be fun for all the family it is interesting what you find buried in corners of your living room!

After you have been ruthless, display the really important things you have.  Get those beautiful postcards framed, display those shells from your local beach.  Make a collage of your children’s artwork.

If you have made some money from unwanted items on Ebay or from a garage sale, use it to buy something special for your newly de-cluttered space.  A treat is the best way of making you move on to de-clutter the next room and the next room.  You will feel so much lighter in spirit when the job is finished.

De-cluttering in Dubai is a must as we all have to leave here one day.  To regularly ‘clean up’ is a great thing to do as when you do come to the end of the contract and ‘home’ is where you are going there will be much less to deal with.

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