How to reduce the risks of contamination and cross contamination in food

Please remember this when you handle all foods:

  • Keep yourself and your kitchen clean
  • Wash your hands frequently especially after handling raw food
  • Keep food either hot or cold, do not keep warm as this is when the bacteria multiplies
  • Keep food out in a warm moist kitchen for as short a time as possible before storing, cooking or serving
  • Take special care when handling raw meat, poultry and seafood, so that these do not cross-contaminate other foods

How to store food in the fridge:

  • Keep all raw and cooked foods separate
  • Store cooked foods and foods ready to be eaten, above raw food, to avoid drips
  • Check that the temperature of the fridge is 7 degrees C or below
  • Cover all foods

How to store frozen food:

  • Keep all foods apart and covered in shallow containers
  • Ensure a constant temperature of – 18 degrees C
  • Keep a good circulation of air
  • Do not ever re-freeze any frozen food already defrosted

Before buying any food check the expiry dates to make sure you have enough time to consume the item.

If you stick to the above rules you should limit the risk of contamination which can result in food poisoning for you and your family.

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