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Dialamaid, Dubai’s No. 1 maids and cleaning services providers, can provide houseboys and housemaids to complete vacuuming services in your home or office. Our highly trained cleaning staff can do the following:

  • Remove cat and dog fur from all surfaces
  • Remove debris from all flooring, including tiles, carpets,  and marble
  • Vacuum all rugs
  • Vacuum mattresses and soft furnishings

During our Training Programme Dialamaid cleaning staff are trained how to use various vacuum cleaners in order to cover as many different options as possible that they may come across. Many vacuums come with standard attachments and it is important to know which attachment to use on which surface. Vacuum bags should be changed before they get too full as they will be less efficient, this is also covered in our Training Programme.

Dialamaid is a very well established and reliable cleaning company in Dubai that can provide you with excellent vacuum cleaning services.

We specialize in providing expert, yet affordable, housekeeping services which includes the following:

0 Vacuuming services
0 Mopping services
0 Ironing services
0 Kitchen cleaning
0 Move in/out clean-up
0 Bathroom cleaning

If you would like to discuss your requirements or if you have any questions please call us on our Toll Free No. 800 5151 or email us for a quotation.

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