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Shane Chardy

I am more than happy to provide a testimonial for the services of Dialamaid, for which I have been a client for perhaps 10 years, at any rate a very long time. I had previously been a client of another cleaning household help company which for various reasons did not work out satisfactorily – I feel sure Dialamaid having European management makes a significant difference. In all the years of my involvement with Dialamaid I have no doubt that I made the right decision. Yes it does relate to the excellent service offered by their staff, not only in relation to their cleaning abilities but also to the standard of English spoken and their willingness to take on duties in which they have previously not been involved – their politeness too. Yes some do speak better English than others, which makes things a little easier but overall their cleaning abilities are outstanding and they do seem to react well to very occasionally being given an additional cleaning duty. They have also been prepared to deal with our 2 cats who are generally around! And I have always been happy for them to have 2 keys (gate and door) and have had no reason to suspend that practice.
I should add that all my conversations with administrative staff have always been dealt with promptly and satisfactorily.
I should mention that I have recommended Dialamaid services to a personal friend as well as my husband, for his office and have had no reason whatsoever to retract the recommendation at any time.
Please regard this testimonial as my enduring recommendation for Dialamaid.

Kelly Pickett

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful service that you have provided over the past 6 years. When I first spoke to you on the phone you ensured me that all your staff are well cared for and valued. I have never forgotten this and always quote you when recommending Dial a maid to friends. Your staff have always been professional and a pleasure to work with. The office staff always deal with matters efficiently and have always ensured that we are advised if there is any change to our weekly cleaning service.

The hardest part for me is to say farewell to Dhan and I would very much appreciate it if you could take the time to acknowledge and pass on our warmest thanks. He has been absolutely amazing Dhan is always professional, punctual and very well presented. For the past 5 years and in 3 different apartments, he has always ensured that our home is cleaned to a very high standard. He works extremely hard and uses his initiative when cleaning. Honesty is extremely important when employing somebody to work in your home and Dhan is a very trustworthy member of your staff. It has been a delight to see him each week; any family would be very lucky to benefit from Dhan’s services.

Jill Eagan

We wanted to tell you how please we are with your cleaning service and with our cleaner in particular.

Birbal is absolutely wonderful. He is incredibly thorough and goes beyond our expectations every week. One time, I mistakenly left a pile of folded laundry out and Birbal must have thought it was for him and he ironed EVERY item in the basket, even the socks, I think. I noticed today when we got home that a doll my daughter had left undressed on the floor had was sitting up, wearing a new outfit and a hat too! So cute.

We do not get a chance to thank him, as we are not in the house when he cleans so please convey this message that he is doing an amazing job, and we are so happy with Dialamaid

Zac Donev

We would like to say that we have been extremely happy customers of your agency for that last 4 years and have, and will continue to recommend you to our friends.

We would like to particularly thank Man who has been a fabulous asset to our household over the last 3 years. We would have no hesitation is recommending Man to anyone. He has worked hard on every single occasion he has been in our house, taken initiative to get things done and overall done a great job of keeping our house clean.

Theresa Carew

I have been a very happy Dialamaid client for too many years to remember. The Dialamaid team over the years, most recently Arjun, have always been courteous and work conscientiously even though they are unsupervised. Speaking and reading English has been a big bonus for me as I work and I seldom see the team.
I have no hesitation in recommending Dialamaid’s services and I wish the business and the team the very best in the future

Paul and Jodene

Can I add our appreciation of our cleaner Budda. We hear many stories of couples going through 3 or 4 cleaners before they are happy BUT we were over the moon with your man, I have stated that we wish him to be our cleaner all the time. From the start his appearance and manner were exemplary and the flat was spotless, a credit to you and your company. I have heard good things about your company and now we can see why, please pass on our thanks

Caroline Collins

During the past four years I have used Dialamaid’s cleaning services. I have always found their staff to be trustworthy and hard working. Cleaning is carried out to a high standard and when work is finished, they will often proactively find something else to clean. All cleaners have been trained to perform normal household cleaning, including outside furniture, balconies and ironing. I would highly recommend them.

Karen Koekemoer

I would really appreciate it if you could send one of your cleaners to me. Deborah always speaks highly of your company and service provided. I would hate to use one of the other companies that are into slave labour.

Ian MacQuarrie

The Landlord from the Lofts said it is the cleanest he has ever had an apartment handed back, so well done to your staff for doing such a fantastic job!!

Kirsty Gane

Would just like to say that the cleaner did a fantastic job cleaning our apartment today. What is the next step, can I keep him for a regular booking?

Shirley Attenborough

Thank you so much for the wonderful houseboy you sent us and his various helpers. They were truly superb.

Johanni Liebenberg

Thank you, the two cleaners that cleaned my apartment were really good. Job well done!

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